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  • 1: What is expanded metal used?

    - Enclosures - cages, tool partitions and lockers - Supports - shelving, racks, trays and baskets - Protection - guards for machine and heaters, skylights and lamps - Security - behind drywall, fencing - Decoration - store fixtures, stands, balcony railings and stair enclosures

  • 2: What does LWD mean?

    Long Way of the Diamond

  • 3: What does SWD mean?

    Short Way of the Diamond

  • 4: Why is the percent of open area important?

    The open area is necessary in determining the passage of light, water or air.

  • 5: What are the two types of expanded metal?

    Regular and Flatten

  • 6: What type of metal are suitable for expanding?

    Normal stocked styles are carbon steel, aluminum, stainless, pre and hot dipped galvanized. Non-stock material suitable for expanding are copper, silver, nickel plus many other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.